make your next Virtual event unforgettable
...with our craft alcohol tasting & mixology Experiences
You want to host engaging, unique virtual events for your employees, clients, and leads, but there's a problem.... 
The problem is that hosting great events takes time, energy, and expertise. And you're already pretty busy with that all-important day job that needs to get done on top of planning great events for a variety of business building needs. 

The Crafty Cask's variety of interactive, educational, and fun craft alcohol events are your one-stop solution!  
Work with us to design your own custom event that fits your needs. Each event includes:
  •  Zoom hosting, link for registration & optional capture of all guest shipping details
  • Facilitation of all pre- and post-event kit ordering & delivery to guests
  • Digital materials to send guests for an interactive experience
  • 60 minute event hosting by The Crafty Cask's boozy experts
choose from a wide range of standard event offerings 
or create a custom event 
Tasting Experiences

Learn all about whichever style of alcohol we’re featuring, bust some myths, and expand your guests' palates as we experience great craft examples through tasting techniques, custom digital materials, and hands-on approaches. These are available for any style of alcohol ranging from wine to spirits to beer to cider, and more. 

Mixology Classes

Teach your guests how to be home mixologists as we introduce them to 2-3 families of cocktails and make one cocktail from each family. We then help them understand how to alter each one to make a variety of amazing cocktails with common ingredients at home. Interactive and highly engaging - this is one of our most popular offerings. 
Cocktail Classes

Focused on one particular cocktail, this offering is great for those who want to send everything their guests will need to participate in one all-inclusive box. Or for events where a signature cocktail is a nice touch. Enough ingredients to make 4 cocktails. At times we can customize to make 2 different cocktails (whiskey & mezcal old fashioned, for example). 
Sensory Experiences

Treat your guests to a sensory exploration focused on one specific type of alcohol. These immersive events allow guests to better understand their own palette while fine-tuning their sensory skills in an interactive, game-play format. 

Multi-Faceted Events

Looking for events that are about more than just booze? We can help lead team-building exercises, pair up with our vendor partners to add on trivia, food pairing and/or cooking experiences, virtual escape rooms, interactive photo collages, and more. 
Meet the Maker

Tap into our extensive network of craft alcohol makers to introduce your guests to the maker in this exclusive event. Learn all about that style of alcohol, and taste through our featured maker’s product(s). 

This event type is limited to parties of 40 or more and has a higher starting event fee.

Meet Your Hosts

Suzanne Henricksen is the founder of The Crafty Cask, a company that celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers. Passionate about all things craft alcohol...supporting the success of craft alcohol makers and introducing drinks enthusiasts to incredible brands and products is her founding mission 

Leveraging her craft alcohol and corporate marketing expertise, Suzanne helps consumers discover or revisit different types of alcohol with a fresh perspective and deeper understanding. She loves sharing the people and stories behind the craft to help create a more immersive and lasting experience for guests of The Crafty Cask's events.
Evan Rothrock is a Certified Sommelier, Certified Cider Professional, Mixologist, and Bespoke Wine Tour Guide for Max Napa Tours. 

Having spent 9 years bringing craft alcohol enthusiasts to wineries, distilleries, cider houses, and breweries and many years before that working in the restaurant world, Evan has a deep appreciation for the craft maker community. 

He understands what it takes to bring a craft alcohol tasting to life in a way that is engaging and accessible to enthusiasts of all levels and will bring that passion and expertise to all of our virtual tasting experiences.
Jena image
Stefan image
Jena is an award-winning bartender, cocktail educator, and Cicerone Certified Beer Server based in NY. She has been bartending and working in the craft beer world in NY for the last fifteen years with recipes appearing on menus at Manhattan restaurant/bars & in multiple publications, such as She is the 2019 Nikka Perfect Serve Global Runner Up and a 2020 Cognac Connection winner.
Music and wine are Stefan’s passions. He is a devoted teacher serving as a professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as well as a Wine Educator for WSET through The Grape Experience in San Francisco. Besides teaching you can find him composing music, playing with his band and holding tastings for friends and wine lovers. 

“Wine is the only artwork you can drink” – Luis Fernando Oliverri.
Collectively, our hosts at The Crafty Cask represent over three decades worth of knowledge and experience in craft alcohol, hospitality, and education. This means your guests quickly become more comfortable engaging with their hosts, and each other, making the entire experience more interactive and personal
Start the conversation...our event calendar fills up fast! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does each event include?

- Zoom link for registration & optional capture of all guest shipping details

- Facilitation of all tasting kit ordering & delivery to guests

- Digital materials to send guests for an interactive experience

- 60 minute event hosting by a trained, certified craft alcohol professional

- Access to our best clients' email templates for recruiting guests and communication about the event.

- Customizations as needed for a fee: food, barware, branded glassware or other items, themes, etc...
How early do I need to book?

Events need to be confirmed 3 weeks prior to event date with all guest shipping details required a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. 

If a specific date/time or product is required, we recommend signing your agreement with The Crafty Cask as early as possible to ensure availability.

Please note, timelines are driven by shipping carrier timelines. While we understand the need for speed, it is not in the best interest of your event to shorten timelines since it risks your guests not receiving their packages in time.
What kind of budget are we talking? 

We have a variety of options for all price points and will provide a custom quote once we receive your event details. 

Our events have a $20/person event fee (with an $875 minimum). 

Additionally, we suggest budgeting:
  - $80-$120/person for wine  
  - $40-$65/person for cider, beer, & spirits 
  - $25/person for shipping

We also offer a loyalty program with discounts for every 5th event and scaled pricing for events with more than 200 guests.

Can we host on our own zoom link or ask you to use another platform? 

Yes, if we're unfamiliar with the platform we may need a quick training test call, but we've worked across many popular platforms.
Do you have options for non-drinkers? 

Yes, we have great mocktail kits we can send anyone who prefers that option.
Can we have our guests BYO when it comes to the alcohol?

Sure! We understand that some company policies prohibit purchasing alcohol or gifts over a certain price point. 

Depending on the type of event, guests can simply use what they have on hand at home or we can set up purchase links for your guests to purchase the specific products we'll be featuring. 

Please note, there is a customization fee for all BYO events. 
Can we add our printed materials, swag or food into the shipments? 
Yes, our alcohol fulfillment partners can often accommodate this. Please keep in mind that any perishable food items will have to be sent to your guests as a separate shipment. There is a fee required for any shipment additions or  customizations. 

Can we add on other activities beyond booze? 
Yes, we have great partners to add on trivia, games, or even a virtual escape room! 
Any alcohol shipping restrictions?  
Yes. While we have GREAT craft alcohol partners (The Crafty Cask does not make or ship any alcohol ourselves) there are many states that they cannot ship to depending on the type of alcohol. While this isn't an ironclad or permanent list (we have many partners with different capabilities), here are the most commonly difficult states to ship to: 

Ready to become virtual event hosting legend? Let's do this! 

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